25 November 2018

Sub:  4th year anniversary Promotion


Dear Valued Customer,


We are pleased to inform you that we have completed successfully 4 years in business since we commenced commercial operations on 25 November 2014.  We take this opportunity to thank you for doing business with us and for your continued trust and support.

During our journey this far we have been able to provide a wide range of benefits via our  unmatchable network marketing solutions to be a catalyst for the prosperity of masses who look for financial freedom.  We continue going forward as we are committed to improving our customer service and developing solutions to those who strive to succeed.


We take this opportunity to reward your loyalty by rewarding discounts on all Gold Member registrations.  This will be an ideal opportunity for you to become a Star Member (a member having 5 personal accounts) or Star Member Plus as you know that all Star members are eligible to qualify for Car Bonus, Group Bonus, Team Bonus and Matching Bonus.

*If you are still not a member,  you can become a Gold Member for only $165.  (You save $15)

*If you are already a member who has only one account, you may become a Star member by purchasing the other 4 accounts by paying only for 3 accounts. (You save $225)

*If you are already a member and wish to become Star Member Plus by obtaining more accounts, you may purchase 10 accounts by paying only for 7 accounts. (You save $645)


You may purchase 17 accounts by paying only for 12 accounts. (You save $1080)

*If you want to Upgrade your accounts for maximum benefits, you may do so by paying only $75.  (You save $15)

Kindly note that this promotion will be available commencing from 25 November 2018 to 03 December 2018.  We are sure that you will not hesitate to make use of this opportunity to build your team by spreading the news to your friends and colleagues, as we all know "If you take care of your team, it'll take care of your dream"


We also take this opportunity to wish you and your team tremendous success.


Thanking you once again for your support.


Yours sincerely,


Stewart Morgan

Chief Executive Officer


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