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We accept BitCoins & Neteller payments.

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  • Any payment made to join the Monoline Income Program of 1LegCompplan is a OneTime payment and it must be paid with BitCoins to the value of $1800, $900 or $250.

  • All Bit Coin deposits should be sent  to   1498t7LNf8VWkCVEF35vT2TNh9Bs8UmJNR

 Once the payment is done, Copy and Paste the Transaction ID in the form to verify the payment.


Once your payment is verified by 1LegCompplan, you will receive a confirmation email, within hours so that you may login to your Dashboard where you can see your Downline Report, Income & other details.

Bitcoin Package Fee As At Today - $1800 = 0.2 BTC (Gold)

                                                             $900 = 0.1 BTC (Silver)

                                                             $350 = 0.03 BTC (Bronze)

Guaranteed Life Time Residual Income

Gold and Silver packages - Pay half payment now and the balance within 30 days. If full payment is done now a Gold Package gets $300 discount and a Silver package gets $100 discount.